While the general topic of economic inequality has recently attracted a huge wave of popular and scholarly attention, legal scholars are only now beginning to explore the problem’s constitutional dimensions. This Symposium will change that. We will examine the emerging, many-sided problem of economic inequality in constitutional theory, history, and political economy.

The Texas Law Review is working with Professors Joseph Fishkin and William Forbath to design this event, which will bring together a high-powered group of legal scholars, historians, and other academics to focus on the relationship between the Constitution and our political economy, including arguments that the Constitution depends on preventing oligarchy and preserving a broad, accessible middle class. We are inviting scholars to think about inequality and unequal opportunity in a variety of substantive areas. The proceedings of the symposium will be published in the June 2016 issue of the Texas Law Review.

For a preview of select talks and discussions, please visit Professor Balkin’s blog, Balkinization.